Rules and Policies

CVYO Covid-19 protocol fall 2023:

Will follow guidelines of: CDC, MN Dept. of Health, Emmaus Baptist Church, and Northfield Public Schools. We may need to change our policies or practices as the season progresses.

Masks not required, but are welcome to be worn by anyone.

Symptomatic students/staff encouraged to remain home. Absences for illness are excused. We will do our best to video record missed rehearsals if we know in advance of an absence.

Hand sanitizer will be available at rehearsals.

Aerosols are limited since we are a strings only organization.

Attendance Policy

Students shall be present at the designated time and place for all rehearsals and concerts. Unavoidable conflicts with school music organizations, illness, poor travel conditions, and unavoidable family conflicts constitute justifiable excuses. More than two absences per session without justification will cause the student to be subject to the review of the Music Director. Promptness to all rehearsals is expected for all students.  If possible, please report your absence from rehearsal in advance by e-mailing Deonne Gray, CVYO manager, at

Inclement Weather Policy

If Northfield schools close due to weather, rehearsals may or may not be cancelled that evening. You will be notified via email by 3pm and information will be posted on this website.  If you have questions about rehearsals being held due to inclement weather please call Deonne Gray, 507-645-7189(hm) or 612-860-1286(cell). Your safety is most important to us. Missed rehearsals due to poor weather or road conditions are excused.

Rehearsal Requirements

Please bring your assigned music folder to all rehearsals and concerts. Be responsible for music and music folder, returning it intact upon completion of each session. Please practice music at home and come to rehearsals at least 10 minutes early for tuning if possible. All students are encouraged to study with a private teacher and participate in his/her school music program.

General Care

It is a privilege for CVYO to use Emmaus Church. Please keep the rooms neat. Students are expected to pick up after themselves and assist with putting away chairs and stands as needed after rehearsal. Respectful behavior is expected in rehearsal and concert.

Rehearsal Times and Locations

CVYO holds two 10 week sessions per school calendar year. The Fall Session usually begins in early September. The Second Session begins in late January or early February.

Haydn Orchestra (average 1+ years playing experience) rehearses from 5:15-6:00 PM Tuesday evenings.

Mozart Orchestra (average 3+ years playing experience) rehearses from 6:15-7:15 PM Tuesday evenings.

Bach Orchestra (average 5+ years playing experience) rehearses from 7:30-8:45 PM Tuesday evenings.

All rehearsals are held in the lower level of Emmaus Baptist 712 Linden St. N, Northfield. Drop off and pick up area for musicians is on the north side of the building in the lower parking lot.

Concert Dress

HAYDN: White shirt and black dress pants or skirt that covers the knees, black shoes and black socks/hose.

MOZART/BACH: All wear black. No athletic shoes.

Code of Conduct for Concerts

Remain quiet and seated during the performance. No distracting behavior such as chewing gum, laughing, talking, and moving about.

Do not enter or leave during a musical selection, preferably only during clapping or between orchestras.

Turn off/silence cell phones during the concert.

After the concert, students please walk quietly to the reception, not through the back way, but through the main double door entrance. Be gracious to the parent servers, and enter the room when they are ready.

Be respectful of Emmaus Church and other people in attendance. Do not enter empty rooms or unsupervised areas in the church. No running or throwing of food. Clean up after yourself.


Tuition for each session is $120 for Haydn, $130 for Mozart, and $140 for Bach… due at the first rehearsal. Financial assistance is available upon request. Auditions are free and are required annually. A year long (2 session) commitment to CVYO is not required. Students may choose to participate in only one session per year.

A Vision of Excellence

“CVYO seeks to foster artistic growth and personal development of talented, young musicians and to provide opportunities for the musical education and enjoyment of the membership and the community at large.”